Design of a logo and a mobile app for a P2P marketplace where the user can buy and sell sports gear.

The creation of this mobile app came as an extension of the website platform after doing some user research, using analytics and user surveys for a couple of months. 

With this research we discovered that most of our users were failing to upload and publish a product for sell. The majority of those visitors were using the platform from their mobile users, and found it complicated to take the pictures from their phone and then going to upload them into the platform. They also weren't using the platform on a daily basis so they would sometimes miss the messages received by their prospective buyers, hence losing sales.

As a solution, we created a mobile app that allowed users to take the pictures of the products and communicate directly through the app as well as receiving notifications every time they received a message or an offer. With the new app, buyers were also able to find products located close to their area by allowing the GPS connection.

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